Council for Traffic Safety

The Brief

Young people (and especially men) aged 17-24 are overrepresented in fatal car accidents in Denmark, we want to speak directly to this at-risk group, and give them campaigns to nudge their behaviour.

The Pitch

2 back-to-back campaigns that speak to the segment in their language: 1 serious, 1 funny that showcase the problem, the solution, and the consequences of driving fast.

The Result

Both campaigns became some of highest performing campaigns ever released by the Danish Traffic Association. The campaigns performed nearly twice as well as expected on almost all KPIs set out by the client. In an Epinion survey paid for by the client 80% of participants answered that "the film has made me think about the fact that my choices in traffic can have an impact on my and others' future". 84% said that the campaign motivated them to to be focused on driving when driving. 94% also liked and understood the campaign, and thought it was relevant.

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