hello, my name is alex sabour


hello, my name isAlex sabour


I’m a lot of things; a strategist, filmmaker, writer, marketer and storyteller… I am a creative, specifically a creative director with 10+ years in the advertising industry.
Don’t judge me - it wasn’t always about selling more products to the masses. In fact I made a name for myself for going against the grain and standing up for what
I believe in. With that said… I believe that companies can facilitate positive change and make a profit. I believe that brands should use their platforms and their voice to say something meaningful. I believe that we’re all too comfortable right now because we aren’t pushing enough boundaries and finding solutions. I believe in curiosity and that magic happens in the unknown. That same curiosity must have sparked yours - so what brought you here?

Award Winning Creative

I'm an Internationally recognised award winning creative director with over 100+ awards, honours and nominations at 20+ award programs globally.

Awards & Honors

People Reached

2 Billion+

Awards Programmes

My purpose

Creativity can change the World. I've seen it! Through my work, I've been able to change laws. I’ve addressed dangerous consumer behaviour. I’ve helped raise millions of dollars for charity. Publicly challenge politicians, and even stop radical political movements. I’m not one to shy away from tough conversations. I’m not scared of getting bad press nor will I succumb to cancel culture. I don't believe in the status quo. We can always do better. Always. That's what I'm here for. I want to change the world for the better through my creativity and through the organizations and brands that I'm entrusted to work with.

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“The best worst thing that has ever happened to me”

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I have worked together with hundreds of brands and organisations. Below is a selected list of references (full list available upon request).

"He has a contagious high energy level, is solution oriented, and always seems to have a valuable and fresh perspective when addressing challenges. With plenty of hands on experience in business he is the kind of guy that knows how to always keep an eye on the baseline, while being passionate enough to keep stretching himself to come up with innovative ideas and solutions."

Nicky Grunfeld -Trustpilot

"He is a great strategic project leader with an eye for details. He is a very skilled communicator and pitching is his thing. He can always bring in a new perspective to pull the concept up to a different level."

Maria Boldsen - Airbnb

"He emulates Valtech’s Multi-Disciplines approach to consultancy, his years of experience, keen insights and knowing how to connect the dots in a deep and  meaningful  way that changes people’s lives is directly aligned to Valtech’s own Value Proposition."

Ryan Connolly - Valtech

"we have seen a higher reach and engagement rate on all platforms, which has led directly to some of our biggest incoming sales. He basically showed us how to use our money right, in order to gain value."

Christian Seiersen - Frankly Juice

"He's full of ideas and creative solutions, no matter which case he is a very strong communicator and strategist."

Niels Martin Brochner - Contractbook

"He is the perfect match if you want to "break to code" and really understand, how your marketing strategy can benefit from "digital". To me, he is a laser beam when he points to the weaknesses and the pitfalls and, at the same time, the possibilities in "digital"."

Carsten Thornhoej - Institute For Applied Knowledge

"Alex is a creative powerhouse, a visionary who masters the ability to transform contemporary dilemmas into ingenious concepts."

Dokswel M - Five Units

"Creative genius on steriods!."

Sasan Askari - Gorilla Agency LLC


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