My Brother's Keeper

The Brief

Cut into the ultra-rightwing racist Hard Line ( DK- Stram Kurs) movement, and hinder them from getting elected into parliament during the national elections.

The Pitch

During the 2019 election, many politicians, and antiracism groups tried unsuccessfully to slow down and stop the extreme Hard Line political movement spearheaded convicted racist Rasmus Paludan, but blood is thicker than water, and no one knows you like your own family so we got his brother Martin Paludan to shed light on who is brother really is.

The Result

Viral in Denmark with 1.000.000+ views, 5.000+ comments and 5.000+ shares 90% Press coverage in Denmark. 50+ Articles and TV/Radio appearances. Vox meter registered - 30% decrease in Stram Kurs voter support immediately after campaign (2.3 to 1.6). Party leader Rasmus Paludan publicly blamed the campaign for the loss.

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